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09 December 2017

Full Immersion Tar Heel Research Experience

Tar Heel Discovery Program

Save these date on your calendars for an immersive research experience in North Carolina in Raliegh at the state archive with guided research experiences. You will delve deeper into the collections at the North Carolina State Archives and Government & Heritage Library with the assistance of Diane Richard and Victoria Young and the staff at the archives and libraries.

04 December 2017

Guest Contributors Wanted for YouTube Genealogy Channel

Genealogy Guest Hosts Wanted

Video is a great format to communicate knowledge and share tips and strategies. Last year, Devon began sharing videos on YouTube as an experiment. Since then, we've fallen in love with the platform and the people we are able to reach and teach.

The Family History Fanatics publishes videos every Tuesday and Thursday and the response is wonderful. Our community keeps growing and the questions shared in the comment feeds to keep us energized! Other YouTube channels have died out in the genealogy sphere, but there's a need for all things family history, as our channel continues to prove.

Now, we don't want to keep this format exclusive to Andy, Devon, and Caleb. Many genealogy educators want to reach a larger audience, but they don't have the time and energy to develop a YouTube channel. That's why Family History Fanatics has a collective name. We're not just three Lees who like genealogy. We're a group of people who want to transform online learning, promote products and services in the industry, and helping more people trace and preserve their family history. If you fit this description as well, we invite you to submit a video to our channel.

We have some guidelines on how to compile your video. The great thing is, we'll do the editing for you! You just have to share your tips, reviews, or discoveries in 5-7 minutes and then add a few additional elements (described in the video below).

Consider making a video during the holiday breaks or in the new year. When you're ready, visit the Submit a Video section on our website to complete the submission form.

We look forward to the tips and stories you share in 2018. With enough interest, we'll expand our channel to post videos three days a week.

If you haven't subscribed to the Family History Fanatics YouTube Channel, do that now. You don't want to miss another episode. You also might want to plan a few hours to binge watch the 100+ videos we've released thus far. If we haven't covered a topic you're interested in, then submit a suggestion using this page.

27 November 2017

5 Cool Sites For Spicing Up Your Family History

Never write a boring family history again.

Stop writing a boring family history. Stop. Stop it right now! There is no need to have a dry, dull family history when these five website can help you imagine the time and place where your ancestor lived. These resources are primarily for the United States ancestor, but if you have some fantastic international resources, share those in the comments below.

23 November 2017

Ignore Your Audience When Writing Your Family History First Draft

Family History Writing Tips

Numerous writing tips videos tell you to write for a particular audience. When you're writing a fictional book or blog post or a non-fiction how-to book, knowing who your audience helps you tailor your language to them. However, in the first step of writing a memoir or a family history narrative, it's the worst advice.

20 November 2017

A Recipe Saved From the Grave #FHForChildren Blog Link-Up

Family Recipes Bring Us Closer Together

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and traditions abound, but for a gal without family traditions regarding Turkey, what foods bring me closer to the past? That's the question I ask myself as I think about the Family History for Children Blog Link-Up for November: Family Recipes

The questions prompt: "How do family recipes bring your family together? Do you have any old family recipes that are passed down in your family? What favorite foods of your children will you pass down through future generations?"

Again, I think about the recipes that bring the Geiszler family together and there really are none. My mother believed "if food couldn't be nuked, baked, or ordered in, it wasn't done." And then I stumbled upon the Thanksgiving after my father died. My aunt asked me what I missed most about my dad, and I said, "Bob's Cheesecake.'

Watch my video about daddy's cheesecake and how he almost took it too the grave.

I highly encourage you to place your Family Recipes on FamilySearch in the memories sections. You can scan recipe cards and upload them as photos. Or, you can save the recipes as stories. That way, no relative will take another family favorite to the grave, that is if they have someone like my Aunt Shelley (or was it Grannie) to sweet talk the recipes out of the amazing cooks!

To read other posts in the Family Recipes Blog Hop, check out these below! Look at all of those yummy treats.

15-Minute Genealogy Tasks for the Busy Seasons

15 Minute Genealogy Task To Help You Keep Researching during the busy season

It's that time of year when people are B--U-S-Y. It's also the time of year when you're trying to make good on old resolutions or plan for new ones. Below I'm sharing a list of tasks you can do in 15 minutes or less that will have you finding time for genealogy during your hectic seasons throughout the year.

16 November 2017

What's Your Genealogy Problem? Let RootsMagic Help You Find It

Find your genealogy errors with RootsMagic

When we acquire large databases, I wonder how many times we are like the three monkeys

Hear No Problem

See No Problem
Speak No Problem

But, far too many GEDCOM files (and our own databases) are rife with errors and if we ignore them, we're like another animal. One with feathers, a long neck, and likes to stick it underground!
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