Genetic Genealogy
Register for a virtual event at DNA sponsored by MyHeritageDNA. #genealogy #dnaresults #conference

Make Plans to Attend the A Summer of DNA eConference

Genetic genealogy can be confusing but there are a number of tools and strategies that can help us make more sense of it all. Sponsored by MyHeritage, all registrants have a chance to WIN one of 4 DNA kits and other door prizes. This conference will discuss the new Theory of Family Relativity tool from […]

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How to Compare Family Trees on GEDmatch #gedcom #gedmatch #genealogy

Explore the GEDCOM tools on GEDmatch

Do you have a GEDCOM file on GEDmatch? If so, there are tree-matching tools that you can use to help you find other clues to help progress your genealogical research. Before we talk about the tools, first let’s make sure you know what a GEDCOM file is. GEDCOM stands GEnealogical Data COMmunication. It is a […]

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By looking at multiple siblings, we can determine how much of their parents DNA they have altogether. #genetics #dnapainter

How much of your Parents’ DNA do you and your siblings have altogether?

You share some DNA with your siblings, which means if you have enough siblings you have all of your parents DNA, but how much DNA? In the Genetic Genealogy Tips and Techniques Facebook Group, there was a discussion a couple weeks ago about, “How much DNA do siblings, as a group, share with their parents?” […]

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How Do Small Family Sizes Impact Your DNA Matches? #geneticgenealogy #dnamatches

How Do Small Family Sizes Impact Your DNA Matches?

Have you had problems finding any matches with DNA? Do all of your close matches only share about fifty centimorgans or less with you? If so, you may suffer from the problem of small families. Family Sizes Throughout History Family sizes have varied a lot over history, but in the last 200 years, the trend […]

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The Value of Comparing Two DNA Kits on GEDmatch Genesis

What can you learn while comparing two DNA kits on GEDmatch Genesis to assist in your genetic genealogy research? Discover the changes that occur when you match cousins of a known common ancestor, a parent-child, and a family with endogamy. As genealogists, one of the things we’re research is how people are related to us […]

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Beginning Genealogy
Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy doesn't have to be difficult.

Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy Research

Do you have Jewish ancestors and you’re unsure how to get started in Jews in Genealogy Research? Jennifer Mendelsohn, from the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland, shares a few tips on how to successfully trace this side of your family tree. To watch the full interview, visit this link. Tip 1: Begin Your Jewish Research […]

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Get The Right Help For Your Genealogy

How not to ask for help with your research query?

Many folks involved in genealogy research love to help you with your reserach questions. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to ask for that help. The following is not it and I’ll explain why. “Hello, I have posted once before and no one responded. This is my second post. I am […]

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Video RoundUp 04192019

Genealogy Video Round Up – 19 April 2019

Need help busting through brick walls? Wonder how to begin researching Scottish or Polish Ancestors? Are you confused about how many genetic ancestors you’re reliably related to? These questions and more are discovered in this weeks collection of genealogy videos on YouTube. Check them out! Genealogy Research Tips: Several YouTube channels released great videos this […]

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Video Round Up 0404201

Genealogy Video Round-Up ~ 5 April 2019

Another week has passed and genealogy videos on YouTube are definitely worth investigating. Be sure to watch, comment, like, and share! Genealogy Tips Interview Your Relatives for Family History (Part 5) – Road to Your Family History What is the Historical Records Survey? – Genealogy Works Ancestry’s New Tree Tags, ThruLines Q’s Answered. Bonus Hack!– […]

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How to handle junk on Ancestry Trees

How to handle people posting facts on that are not true? member trees provide a useful platform to share genealogical data. However, not everything in an online tree is accurate and you shouldn’t accept information without validation. What do you do when you encounter individuals who post inaccurate information in online trees? Double check the accuracy of all information before you add it to your […]

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Review What You Know

Become a Better Research By Reviewing What You Know

Peer reviewing is the most important part of analyzing the research that you encounter or receive from others. However, it’s important that you evaluate your own work before you head off on a research quest. In the video Developing a Research Question, I explained the need to add specifics to your research question so you […]

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Popularity of Genealogy

The One Genealogy Myth That Must Die!

Genealogists like to say that the hobby is as popular as porn or gardening. They couldn’t be further from the truth!

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How do I track down a birth date for an ancestor?

Question: What is your methodology for tracking down a birth date for an ancestor? – Newbie in Crawford, Nebraska Answer: Great question. Additionally, you don’t have to be a newbie to wonder about the best procedure for tracing down a fact like this. Before I answer the question, ask yourself, how deep do you want […]

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Develop a Quality Research Question

Developing a Quality Research Question

How can you go to a specific place if you have not determined the destination you’re headed toward? In genealogy, your research should be headed somewhere if wish to conduct quality research. The destinations you head toward always begin with a research question. The fundamental step in quality genealogical research is to develop a research […]

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What to do when the town name is wrong?

Viewer Question: What do you do, when researching an ancestor, and you find his birthplace listed as a certain town that you know for a fact the town was not even established till a good 20 years or so after their birth? When researching your family history, you will run into errors and you have […]

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Writing Family History
How to Set up a File for Family History Writing

How to Set Up A File to Write About Your Ancestors

Writing makes you a better researcher in genealogy, but how can you set yourself up for success? If you set up your files in such a way you’re ready to write as you make new discoveries about your ancestor, you will be better prepared to not only write but also have your content nearly formatted […]

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Record Love Stories Worth Remembering

Record the Love Stories That Are Worth Remembering

Roses, chocolates, romantic getaways, and jewelry often top the list for expressions of the heart in love stories and romance movies. However, I have great-grandparents that exemplify true, lasting love – no merchandise required. Their story is worth recording, as are the love stories in your family history. Evaline Was Previously Engaged To understand George […]

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Why Write Family History When No One Cares

Why Write a Family History if No One Wants to Read it?

Have you ever thought about writing a family history? Do you fear that no one will want to read it? You are not alone, but that shouldn’t stop you from writing a family history. Many of you have asked me at conferences, emails, and other social media this one question, “Why write a family history […]

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Ohio Digital Postcard Collection

Enrich Your Family History With Postcards from the Past

Writing a family history that has excitement when you don’t feel like a creative writer is challenged. However, you can enrich your family history projects through pictures from the past, such as post cards! My Geiszler and Brown family lines have resided in Ohio for at least 100 years. A few years back, I wrote […]

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Why Did You Include Stalin in Your Family History?

Question: I noticed that you added a historical fact about Stalin banishing Trotsky to the marriage story of your ancestor who married in Utah. If she wasn’t Russian and not connected to Stalin or Trotsky, why on earth would you add this fact to your family’s history? ~ Maralee, Cypress, Texas Answer: Social and Political […]

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How to Arrange Photos in Family Histories

Reader Question: Where should I put the photos in my writing? Should I put the images next to the paragraph I wrote? Should I put them at the end of a chapter? Or should I put all the photos in a photo section?  ~ Robert Murphy, PA Thanks, Robert. Great question. Having written over 120 […]

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