An Indexing Confession


I have been serving as an indexer for for over a year. My activity level comes and goes as free time or interest is available. Recently, my husband has decided to give indexing a try. Now, there seems to be a 'competition' between the two of us to see who can do the most names.

Right now, I'm ahead in indexing by about 3,000 names. I DO NOT want him to catch up. So, I've stopped doing records that only have a few names per batch. I like the lists like Census because you can do a lot of names at one time. But then I feel guilty, and I do the records that only have a few names at a time.

When I go over to the arbitration side of things, I again find myself selecting records that I know I can do a lot of names in one batch. Bad indexer/arbritator, bad! I know, I know. Seriously, who would have thought my hubby joining the indexing world would cause such competition? Aw, well... I'll just admit my problem and work harder at just enjoying the fact that my husband is serving the genealogical world. (But just don't let him do more names than me. Is that too much to ask?)


  1. Oh, you're too funny. I think I would be the same way if my husband began indexing.

  2. Glad to know I'm not the only one!


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