Thankful Thursday... 20 pages of notes and I'm still not done!


Welcome to Ohio sign as I began my Journey to the Past

My trip to Ohio in May was fantastic. I've promised my family that I wouldn't 'do' genealogy for at least a month. Thus far, I've kept the promise to some extent. What I mean is, I don't put off things in favor of the genealogy. If I have free time (you know, the times where we would be chatting on Facebook or playing Angry Birds), then I chose to either write about my journey to Ohio (story format) or upload photos to Find-A-Grave.

During our family trip to Georgia, I couldn't get into the mood to write about the research trip since I wouldn't have long chunks of time to write uninterrupted. So I posted about 100 pictures on Find-A-Grave. Now, that sounds like a lot. However, Find-A-Grave doesn't have a way to link one picture to multiple memorials. So, if a photo is of a joint memorial (say mother / child, spouses, etc), then each stone has to be uploaded for the number of persons inscribed on a stone. No problem really, but it just seems like I've uploaded more unique photos than I have. Additionally, I've taken photos of large monuments that are on the plot of family members. Again, if one large monument goes to four grave stones, then that photo is uploaded four times. So although my 100 seems like a large number of photos uploaded, really it's not that many. But, this is easily done in my small chunks of free time after I wake up or while I'm putting kids down for a nap (or bed time) in a distant hotel.

But this post wasn't about posting to Find-A-Grave, it was about writing the journal entries for my trip. Perhaps I should have done it when all the thoughts were fresh in my mind on the trip. But I was either researching, visiting, or scanning. The few spare moments were devoted to sleeping. Writing would have to come later.

Now... I'll be posting much of this on this blog to share with family and friends who keep asking, how did the trip go? Short version... AWESOME. I have more than enough research to keep me busy for some time. Long version... I'm at 20 pages typed, single spaced in a text editor and I'm only half way through the week. Once I break it into blog posts, the 'journal' entries alone will keep people busy reading and that's before I even start sharing the actual research. So, either I covered a lot of ground or I'm long winded in my writing. Perhaps both are equally true. In any case, this post is to simply state how thankful I am for the amazing research trip. And to ask those who keep asking, "How did it go?" to hang tight. You'll soon learn nearly all there is to know and  can enjoy reading it while you're in your pajamas.

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  1. Hi Devon, thanks for coming by my blog-- I followed the link to yours, and love what I see.

    I'm so glad your trip went so well, and that you were able to discover so much. I look forward to reading all about your findings in future entries!

    I'll add your blog to my resource page.


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