Tombstone Tuesday: Is this a grave marker or a cemetery reference point?

Marker I found in Green Lawn Cemetery

I came across this marker while snapping photos in Green Lawn Cemetery. I was in Section 46. I can't decide if this is someone's small burial marker or if this is a marker in the section to tell the cemetery care takers some special meaning. I've seen stones similar to this with a section number on it. So why would one say "Foreman?"


  1. This looks to me like a family plot marker. My family has a large section of Atoy Cemetery in Atoy, Cherokee, Texas, USA reserved for Waggoner family members. My family's plot marker looks like it is about the same size approximately 8" x 8" and is engraved simply with a "W". I would look to see if there are a few burials with the last name "Foreman" buried closely.... it could be that the stone was misplaced.


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