Tombstone Tuesday: Trouble with Bushes

I had a hard time with the stones for Catherine Williams (1835 – 1912) and Thomas L William (1835 – 1911). They are buried in Section 46 of Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio. The trouble is there is a very large bush that was planted (or grew) between their stones. So much so, that now Thomas’ stone is completely underneath this obstructing plant.

Catherine Williams, 1831 – 1912
Section 46, Green Lawn Cemetery

What is one to do? The best they can. For Catherine, I was able to move some branches away a bit. But I couldn’t hold a reflector, the bush limbs, and depress the camera button all at the same time. So, I did the best I could and that’s that.

Thomas L Williams, 1835 – 1911
Section 46, Green Lawn Cemetery

For Thomas, I was barely able to get my camera inside the bush let alone set up a decent shot. Sometimes, a photo like this is all you can do, short of cutting down the bush.

2 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: Trouble with Bushes

  1. I completely understand your troubles! My town's old cemetery is almost completely surrounded by a line of bushes, kind of framing it. The problem, though, is that a number of the stones are facing right into the line of bushes! How is anyone supposed to see, let alone photograph, those stones without chopping down the town's neatly-trimmed hedges?

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