I Wish I Had Bookmarked That Site on Homes and Map Plotting

Street View on Google Maps.
I've discovered Google Street View which has shown me today's view of a family home. Out of respect for the persons living in the home, I won't say where it's located. I'd love to have a photo of this home back in 1949 when it was fresh and young.

But I keep remembering that I can across a genealogy blog that said you could see just that. I didn't not bookmark this site in any way. I thought it would be easy to find this website again. But I'm at a total loss. So, does anyone remember what the website is where you can see what a home looked like in the past? Or am I making stuff up again?

The other thought I had was that I wanted to plot on a map where different family members lived or where a particular family member lived throughout their life. I've seen this done on several websites. But again, now that I want to use that tool, I can't find the websites that used them or the blogs that mentioned the service. I sure could use some help.

And, I promise to do better at saving the links in the future so I don' have to ask people for help. But, I also know so many genealogists are always willing to help another genealogist out. It just seems to demonstrate again the multiple means for my website A Patient Genealogist. Sometimes the patience is for the finding of information I want. Other times it is being patient with myself as I learn things, such as bookmarking.

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  1. I found the link for the map plotting. Thanks Dick Eastman for you 2007 blog about it. http://mapyourancestors.com/


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