Separating Scanned Images with PaintShop Pro

Single scan of three images, needs separating
Single scan of three images, needs separating
If you are using your scanner to digitize your photos and flat memorabilia, I'm so excited! Way to go. You're doing one of the best things to preserve your memories available. It's something that even if you hate genealogy, or if you're family history is 'all done', you can do.

If you're trying to efficiently scan that MOUND of documents, you are probably grouping your photos and scanning once. Then you're separating the images into individual files.

If you are using Paint, you'll have to zoom out, crop the image and save as a new image. Then you need to undo your changes and hopefully not have saved over the original scan. I've had too many OOPS! moments to count with this method.

If you're using PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements, you have a one click button called "Scan & Crop". Now it works if you leave enough white space around each scanned item. If you have images with a lot of white around the edges (think snow, classrooms, sunny days), then you'll need to scan your images with a black background.

If you're using Corel PaintShop Pro, then they have a three-step process that isn't very difficult. I wish I had learned this earlier. But I know it now.

If you're using Corel PaintShop Pro or higher, then open the image that you want to separate.

Separate Photos in Corel PaintShop Pro
In PaintShop Pro, open file you wish to separate.

Next, with the crop tool selected, draw a box around the image you wish to separate. This is cool because you can fine tune your crop!

Separate Photos in Corel PaintShop Pro
Using crop tool, select the image you want to separate.

Using your mouse, right click on the image. You'll see a pop up box that says Crop as New Image. Click on this option. It will open a new file for you (no more saving over the original!!!)

Separate Photos in Corel PaintShop Pro
Right click on the image to open pop up menu.

After you have repeated the process for each photo, you can save them all and you're all set.

Separate Photos in Corel PaintShop Pro
When all the images are have had the "Crop as New Image" option applied,
you can save your files.

It still seems like a lot of work, but with the Crop As New Image option, I know I'm not going to crop the original, save it, and then have to rescan my image. Additionally, I can do precision cropping at the beginning of my separating process.

Happy scanning (and separating!)


  1. That's a great tip! I'll see if I can do something similar with Picasa.

    1. Glad you were found the post helpful. Let me know how it goes with Picasa.


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