Tombstone Tuesday: Gravestone Symbolism That I Don't Understand

After taking 600+ photos in two days from several cemeteries, I began to notice symbols on the stones. Some of them fascinate me. Thankfully, many of my questions regarding the Gravestone Symbolism has been answered by a post at Grave Addiction. The listing has photos and explanations in most cases. I found two stones in the St. Joseph's Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio with symbols I don't understand. Hopefully someone might know what they're all about.

The Symbol on the right half of this stone in the oval. It's really pretty.

The symbol in the middle of this stone looks like it could relate to light and unity.
But then again, I could be reading more into this symbol that I should.

Since both of these stones are located in the St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, my guess is these may have religious means. But they might not and just be cool. Hopefully someone will know what these are.


  1. That symbol is usually on the reverse of the icon on the left. I think it is the symbol for the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    1. I think you're on to something. It really does look like the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thanks for reading and cluing me in.


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