Tombstone Tuesday: Jennie R Williams and Walter E Williams

Jennie R Williams
September 30, 1903 - August 11, 1993
Find A  Grave Memorial #93334805
Walter E Williams
Sept 14, 1929 - Oct 30, 1995
Buried beside Jennie R Williams
Find A  Grave Memorial #93334700
I came across these two stones and they have me perplexed. Again, these are photos that I have taken purely on a volunteer basis. In short, I was in Green Lawn Cemetery and snapped additional photographs while I was there. These two stones have me confused a little bit on their relation. They are placed besides each other. So, one could assume that they are husband and wife. But not necessarily so. When I looked up Walter E Williams on, I found that Walter's parents last names are Williams and Hefner. When I looked up Jennie R William's information, the parent's name is Hefner. But on closer inspection the mother's surname is Hefner. So, I have two theories:
  1.  Perhaps Jennie and Walter are siblings
  2. Perhaps Jennie is Walter's mother

I'm thinking theory two is more likely, but I don't know enough from to be able to make the decision. 


  1. Look for Jennie R Williams in the 1940 census in Franklin, Ohio - they are mother and son.

  2. At the time I wrote this post (shh... it was a little while ago), I couldn't get access to the 1940 US Census. As usual, your curiosity solved my problem. Thanks for finding this information.


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