Tombstone Tuesday: Keeping it Level

This photo is making me a little see sick.
Try as you might, sometimes working conditions make it difficult to keep a monument from looking lop-sided when you review your photos. Perhaps I should have zoomed out or moved back to capture the entire stone. Perhaps I could have adjusted the tripod legs on my camera or tilted the camera mount to compensate. However, a photo like this DOES NOT need to be published when a simple tool can be used to get the photograph level.

In Paint Shop Pro, there is a handy tool aptly named the Straighten Tool. You open the photo you want to adjust. Then you click on the Straighten Tool. You have a line that you can move over and adjust to a line in your photo that should be horizontal.
Click for larger view

When you have the adjustment line over a line that should be horizontal, then click on the photo and Paint Shop Pro works it's magic. You will loose some of the edge of your photo, so it's not perfect. But, I'd rather post the following photo than the one above.

Macioce Monument
St. Joseph's Cemetery
Lockbourne, Ohio

I'm fully aware that as I learn more about photographing cemetery stones, the better my photos will become. However, I'm so thankful for photo editing software that can help me keep my photos level.

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