Cousin Bait: Downing Hugh Young and Angeline Sherwood Marvin

I'm looking for photos and family history on Downing Hugh Young and Angie Marvin as well as their children. My genealogical connection is they are my third great-grandparents through their daughter Sarah Angeline Marvin.

I vital and census information about Downing and Angeline Young and their children his children. I would really like family stories and photographs. As well as information about their parents and siblings.

Here's what I know:

Downing Hugh Young
born 5 Sep 1816 in Buffalo Creek, Ohio, Virginia
died 16 Mar 1904 in New Haven, Huron, Ohio, United States

married on 4 Sep 1837 in Shelby, Richland, Ohio

Angeline Sherwood Marvin
born 10 Mar 1819 in Shelby, Richland, Ohio
died 22 Nov 1902 in New Haven, Huron, Ohio, United States

Downing and Angie Young had the following children:

Hersilla Josephine 'Cele' Young (17 Nov 1838 -1917)

Mary Abigail 'Mollie' Young
(8 Apr 1840 - 3 Jun 1868)

Dr. Elmira S 'Myra' Young (3 May 1841 - 7 Aug 1921)

Samuel Hinkley 'Hinck' Young (25 Aug 1842 - 20 Mar 1869)

Henry St. John Young (22 Oct 1843 - 8 Jan 1863)

Andrew Jackson Young (4 Feb 1845 - 2 Nov 1862)

Dr. Downing Howard Young (7 Oct 1846 - 10 Sep 1917)

Stephen Marvin Young (17 Mar 1848 - 1 Dec 1921)

Daniel Sherwood Young (5 Oct 1852 - 26 Jun 1870)

Sarah Angeline 'Angie' Young (28 Aug 1855 - 14 Oct 1931)

Grace Young (11 Mar 1865 - 13 Sep 1865)

Again, these folks are my 3rd great grandparents and their children. I would love to know more about their history, and potentially find photos. Perhaps someone will be searching for the Young ancestors and land on this blog. Perhaps the distant relative will be inspired to connect with me after reading this post.

I do have information a family history featuring Sarah Angeline Young as written by her daughter Elizabeth Young.

I am throwing this fishing line in the water in hopes of learning more about my heritage and fill in the gaps on my family tree.

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