Mystery Monday: Francis M Geisler unpublished family record

I was going through my mountain of research and paying close attention. I want to attach the scanned images I have to persons and events in RootsMagic. It is slow and tedious work. However, it amazes me what you can find when you look over your research multiple times.

I found a note on a record that said "Francis M Geisler, grandson of Martha Gordon Brown (both from Franklin County, Ohio) created an unpublished family record."

The person who created this citation is Eleanor Ranck Marcum. I corresponded with Eleanor in the early 1990s but I have since lost touch with her. Her husband apparently died in 2002. She could still be alive and well in Ohio. I am seeking out this contact information or a child, niece, or nephew who might know how she's doing.

In any case, my mystery is where is the unpublished family record that Francis M Geisler created? Francis died on Oct 15, 1972. It's entirely possible that his genealogical research was passed on to his children. I guess I might have to find out who they might be. Or, the research might have passed on to Eleanor. With Eleanor well into her 90s, does she still have her records? They were pretty thorough when I contacted her. Or did she pass this information along to someone else.

In writing this posting, I am hoping that a Geisler family member related to Frank or a Marcum relative related to Eleanor or her husband Leith Levi Marcum, might stumble along this post. Perhaps we can share information about the Brown and Gordon relatives. Ultimately, I'd love to know what was and what happened to Francis' research and to make sure Eleanor's research is well cared for.

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