Photo Friday: Beginning to Understand the Concept of Playing

Last week, I wrote about the hardest thing I have photographed. I had to say, 'good enough' and be happy. This week, I wanted to share one of my favorite things I've photographed. It was with this particular session that taught me a little bit about the concept of playing. Remember the post about photographing a trophy? Remember how my friend told me to just play with the settings and see what happened? Well, my artifact is a stuffed dolphin. Isn't it cute?

First Option

I think this dolphin was part of the Beanie Babies craze, though it's not 'the real thing'. That being said, I wasn't exactly a young child when I received this dolphin. But it's cute and I loved it. I received this during a time when I absolutely adored dolphins. I had a dolphin ring and other things too. So, a thoughtful person gave me this dolphin. (It's not that I hate dolphins now. I just love my kids more.)

Anyway, my session started with that first photo. I decided to play with a few settings to see what would happen.

Second Option

Third Option

I liked the the settings that gave me brighter photos on camera. So, I adjusted my camera settings and then decided to see if I could make my dolphin friend look really cuddly cute.

I didn't like his scrunched tail and nose. He could look better.

This gave the dolphin a shark appearance.

That's better. He looks like he's jumping a bit.

Aww... he's got a flat nose.

Here's the 'tag' side profile. It looks odd, could I down play it?

That's a little better.

This session was so fun to focus on the positioning of the object. I don't really have a favorite. I like them as a collection. I suppose I'll just have to create a digital scrapbook page telling about the gift I received, the phase I was in and the fad the coincided. And I guess I'm just going to have to use most of these photos. That way all of dolphin's personality is featured!

Okay, I'm taking this way too far. But the point is, play. Sometimes we'll be playing with light. Sometimes, we'll be playing with setting. Sometimes, we'll be playing with camera angles and object positions. The point is to just play!

I'm so glad so many people have been enjoying my version of Photo Friday. I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I want Photo Friday (Memorabilia Version) to be a collaborative blogging event. So, beginning in January, a topic will be picked and I hope you'll do your best to photograph something based on that topic. Then we'll have a blog roll call at the end of the month and share what we've learned, what we've photographed, and what didn't work so well. So, stay tuned.

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