How to Photograph Gravestones When Flowers Get in the Way

I’m enjoying my journey into gravestone photography for genealogical documentary purposes. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Yes, I like taking cemetery photos and sharing them with family history researchers.

I do my best to respect the ‘rules’ of cemetery photography.

  • To not do further damage to a stone.
  • To walk softly and clean off bird poop before I take any photos.
  • To move flowers to get a nice clear photograph.

However, in some cases, getting a clear photo is very difficult. I’ve shared how difficult it was to get a photo of Thomas L Williams in the Green Lawn Cemetery. His stone has a giant bush in front of his marker.

Floral-ly decorated stone in Obetz Cemetery

On this particular occasion, the flowers surrounding a stone couldn’t be easily moved. So, I took the best picture I could. Hopefully Henrietta K Dillon’s husband Paul won’t be too upset that this photo features his wife.

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