Heritage Scrapbooking: Funeral Pages

I have shared a number of Story Pages from two of the heritage scrapbooks that I have created. I certainly hope that you have been inspired to create stories about the lives of your ancestors.

When I created my father's family history scrapbook, he had passed away. So the final layout of his scrapbook would have to focus on how his life came to an end. My father, Robert Geiszler, died in Las Vegas, NV after attending a pageant.

Heritage Scrapbook Death Certificates
Closing page for Robert Geiszler's Heritage Album
Family History Scrapbook page uses: Death Certificate and Funeral Program

My mother provided much of the details for the written portion of dad's layout. I also incorporated the program from his funeral service and his death certificate. I want to have my heritage albums include the vital documents in a flattering way. To top off the layout, I included a photo of my father in his latter years.

Normally I would add some type of title to every scrapbook page. However, since this page comes at the end of dad's album, I felt the years 1946 - 2004 in a metal book plate was enough title for the page. The content clearly indicates what this page was about.

I added a few metal accents to anchor the items to the layout and the page was complete.

Depending upon the artifacts you have from a funeral, you could include other items. If this was a longer scrapbook project, you might have created a two page layout and included more from the service. Just remember the scope of your project. If it's your first heritage scrapbook, keep your page count small so that you will actually complete the project. Generally this will be a one page layout.

I would love to see some of the end of life pages you have created that include genealogical documents such as funeral service programs or death certificates. There might me other items that you photographed that I haven't mentioned. I would love to see how you incorporated them in your layout. Feel free to share a link in the comments section so we can all benefit from seeing your work. \


  1. What a lovely tribute! The only thing I can think of to add would be a copy of the obituary and a photograph of the tombstone, if there are ones. Coming from a Catholic family, I would also be able to incorporate the holy cards that are often prepared.

    1. Amanda,

      Thanks for the tips. So true.. the holy cards, obituary and/or the tombstone would also work great. Not everyone has them, but if you do, then yes.. they would be an awesome addition. So glad you stopped by to help enrich the post with your comment.

      - Devon

  2. Even though I am currently not doing any heritage scrapping, I really like the idea of including this type of page in my scrapbook albums. I think this is important information to capture for my kids and a nice way to store some of the information I have kept from their great-grandparents' services. The paper that was handed out at my own grandmother's service was such an interesting read. She was such an interesting person and I didn't have a clue about some of her earlier activities, etc. Definitely something I want to capture and remember!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I am hoping to teach my almost 8yo how to do some digital scrapbooking (using Photoshop Elements) in the next year or so for our homeschooling. :) She is currently in 2nd grade and enjoys her computer class where she is learning some computer basics as well as how to use a Word, Excel and Publisher.

    1. Amber! One of my favorite digital scrapbooking designers!!!! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so flattered. I'm excited that you're going to teach your daughter to digital scrapbook. My oldest boy is around her age and has been putting pictures in place, decorating his pages, and writing his own journaling all of last year and this one. My oldest daughter is a little bit older and she has been doing all of her scrapbooking (except designing paper and elements) for two years. It's awesome to see what they select and what memories they write about.


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