Treasure Chest Thursday: Craft Items

This month spring either has arrived or will arrive soon. Spring is a time for newness of life. And it's a time to spring clean! Yeah! Believe it or not, I'm excited about the warmer weather to deep clean my home and organize things that have piled up because the kiddos have been inside most of the winter. I'll send them outside and I'll clean the inside. Once that is done, it will make tackling craft projects a lot easier. And that's how I came up with this month's challenge.

Crafts come in all forms. Perhaps paintings or photography. Perhaps tatting, crochet, or embroidery. Perhaps it's wall art. For me, the crafts people make tell me a lot about who they are. So, this month, find something your ancestor made and photograph it. Remember to tell the story about the object as well. And, if you learned anything about the photography process along the way, please share your tips!

Treasure Chest Thursday Craft Items

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
f/5, Exp 1/2 sec, ISO 100, exp bias -0.3,
Center Weight Average metering

Here's my Treasure Chest Thursday Challenge. This is was made by my Grandma Louise Brown nee Long. I called her Grannie. My family moved to the great state of Texas when I was a toddler. I never really knew Ohio as we didn't return often to the state. However, I knew one very special person lived in Ohio. My Grannie.

My Grannie was a very talented seamstress and made many clothes for her oldest daughters. She made my mother's twirling costumes, formal dance dresses, and wedding dress. She taught my mother how to sew and my mother taught me. Now, I'm not as talented as Grannie but I can make things when I want to. So, I'm trying to pass on something to my children.

My Grannie knew how to crochet afghans (which my mother also loved), cross stitch, and do a form of latch hooking. My mother won an award at the Ohio State Fair for her latch hook rug. Mind you, as a kid, I thought it was quite ugly. However, I wish we had thought to photograph it. It's a pretty neat accomplishment of my mothers. And... it was so 1970s! The color scheme was definitely on par with the fads of the day.

This particular craft hung in my bedroom during my years at home. I even took it to me to college. That way I would always have a reminder that Grannie loved me. Do you also notice the color scheme of this particular beauty? Yep... scarlet and gray. Does Ohio State college colors make the connection for anyone!

 Ugh! The Ohio State University was a bur in my side growing up. I knew my great-grandpa Victor Zumstein taught physics there. I knew my father attended the school one year because of this legacy but flunked out. I knew my Grandpa Brown was an usher for the OSU football games when he could get Saturdays off. But seriously? OSU was not a part of my life in Texas. And my parents did a poor job of inspiring love of the school in me. In fact, they did a such a good job of irritating me about the Buckeye college that I wanted to go to the University of Michigan just to spite them.

Now my Grannie liked OSU. She was more subtle about it. She just figured if you're going to make a craft about Ohio, there are only two colors to use... scarlet and gray.

I'm surprised at all the memories this one craft triggers. What do the crafts of your family members trigger?

BTW I would really love to know what form of crafting this is actually called. I don't think it's latch hooking though that's the only term that comes to mind.

FYI: I took this photo using my lightbox with a desk lamp light. I chose black for the background as a) it made the colors stand out and b) it gave the craft piece a 'gallery' effect.


  1. This craft is needlepoint and the stitch looks like basketweave, which is one of the most basic stitches. My mother taught me needlepoint, which her mother and her sisters all did / do. My husband's grandmother crocheted and we have several afghans (and one very beautiful tablecloth) that came from her.

    1. Elizabeth... you're the best. Thank you for letting me know what this was.


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