Heritage Scrapbooking: Don't Overlap the Documents

I'm working on several more heritage album projects but they're not ready for viewing yet. So, I thought I would share some things that caught my eye. One of them was an of a example heritage scrapbook page found attached to an article on About.com.

I really don't like being critical but I want to strongly encourage other people not to make this mistake. And then tell you why. This way we can learn. But I'll also tell you why I like this layout as well.

Uncle Willie page found on About.com

First of all, I LOVE the colors used in this layout. I like things that are simple because they are timeless. This neutral color scheme keeps the focus on the important genealogical finds... the photos and the documents. I love how the scrapbook page includes a soft bow that symbolically ties the married persons together. I don't know if that was the intent. But, I like the subtlety. I love the journaling on this page as well. Quite honestly, this page is awesome.

Unfortunately, the genealogical scrapbooker in me is screaming "Agggghhhh!!!!" First, I hope this is not a paper scrapbook. I truly hope this is digital. If it's paper, I deeply hope that everything is a copy of the original.

With that said, here's what I don't like. I don't like how you can't see the marriage document in it's entirety. The journal and third photo obscure the document. If that document is ever lost or damaged and this scrapbook page is the only copy left, important clues are covered up.

So... call me crazy, but that's the only thing bugging me about this layout. As you include vital documents, please don't cover them up. You never know what might happen to the originals in the future.


  1. I like the look of this page tremendously. Could you not overcome the problem by putting a copy of each of the documents on the cover inside the book. The best of both worlds.

    1. Frenchie... great thinking.

      Yes! That would solve the problem. If it is a printed scrapbook, that would be perfect. I love when people help me think of new ideas to solve tricky problems.

      If it is a paper scrapbook, we must insist that no one use glue on the documents. Additionally, try to use a copy of the original documents so there won't be a scrapbook fade of the overlaid paper onto the original marriage record. Then, a copy in the book would not be necessary, but the layout could be used.

      Ideally, I would not overlay items. But, if you like the look, then follow Frenchie's suggestion or use a copy of the original as I mentioned.


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