Tech Tuesday: Franklin County Probate is Online!!!!

Last May, I visited the Ohio Historical Society to gain access to the Wills in Franklin County, Ohio. I was FRUSTRATED beyond belief trying to access these files. I spent 5 hours trying to locate the will for Karl Pusecker. Ha, ha! I found it in 15 minutes today. It’s online. I’m so excited.

Karl Pusecker Will
The first part of will for
Karl Pusecker’s (1808-1886 of Franklin County, Ohio)

Here are the simple steps I followed:

  1. Select  Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996
  2. Choose county of interest, my selection Franklin
  3. Select: Index of probates 1805-1932 vol 1-2
  4. Search through the index for persons of interest, make note of the information on this index.
    In my case, I was looking for Karl Pusecker. He was found on image 183.
    His will is in Vol K, page 87. Civil Docket is Vol 8 Pg 96, Journal is Vol 27, page 247 (and 288?)
    Tip: Use the index key at the top to determine what page to flip to. I wanted last names that started with Pu… so I needed the page number that started on page 373. Once I had an idea of what page to turn to, I could guess how many images go forward or backward.
  5. Go back to the Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996
  6. Choose county of interest, my selection Franklin
  7. This time select Wills 1884-1888 vol J-K
  8. Search through the images until I determine I’m in Vol K, page 96
  9. Karl Pusecker’s will began on Image 393!
Do you know what is so great? I made a copy of this will when I was in the Ohio Historical Society library. The copy was TERRIBLE. I couldn’t read anything. Now, I have a digital image. I am doing a happy dance!!!!
Now… to find the rest of the folks I couldn’t research because it took too long to find Karl Pusecker! I must give credit to Randy Seaver for planting the thought to go see if Ohio’s Probate Records were online through his post. Massachusetts Land Records, 1620-1986 Available on FamilySearch – Digital Microfilm
I didn’t go searching for Land Records, but they’re next! Woo-hoo. I’m going to be researching in my jammies!!!!

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