Clementina Comfort Zumstein's School Certificate

I recently shared a little information about Clementina Zumstein (nee Comfort)'s early life and spoke of her when talking about my grandfather Professor Zumstein.
School Record for Clementina Comfort of Ontario, Canada
School Record for Clementina Comfort
of Ontario, Canada

Great grandmother Clementina was a school teacher until the time of her marriage to Victor. As a home educator, I wonder if she's look favorably on this. Regardless, I was sent an electronic copy of a school related document. I was told this is her teaching certificate. After reading it, I believe it to be a diploma of sorts.

The record is transcribed as follows:
Lincoln Public Schools

This is to certify that 
Clementina Comfort 
Has completed the Public School Course of Study and Passed the Examination Prescribed by the Education Department for Admission into High School and Collegiate Institutes

Dated at St Catherines, Ontario this first day of August 1907.
W.W. Ireland M.A. 
Public School Director, Lincoln Co

J F Greene
Warden, Lincoln Co

The school record is stunning and I'm glad to see it. I hope you'll go dig up your family's school records and preserve them. Family History is more than just birth, marriage, and death dates.

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