Help... I'm Drowning

It's June and I feel so discouraged. I am blessed to have so much new genealogical information to process. Yet, I feel so far behind on the goals I set. But then again, I didn't really write down my goals at the beginning of the year. I didn't break them down into bite sized pieces. I just said, "I want to get the work done by the end of the year." Talk about vague and more lofty ambitions.

So... last week a set 7 goals (one for each day) that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the week. By Wednesday, I had most of them done. I had a HUGE personal history project to do that took up the rest of the week. By Saturday, I had accomplished the goals. Here are the highlights:

- write two blog postss based on the notes in Evernote (from the emails I organized into the program)
- answer two personal history prompts about myself
- select topics for the family history scrapbook about my Grannie Brown
- transcribe 4 images regarding William J Townsend's (or Townson) Civil War Service (pension?) file.
- Post a Tombstone Tuesday entry
- Update the my family blog
- Share photos on Facebook for the past half year

The Update my family blog and share Facebook for events since January took a LONG time. I have my personal 'offline' blog that I publish every year. But I also have a family blog for some things that I want to share with friends and family but there is not enough room on Facebook. So, that join project took a lot of time. Thankfully I was caught up on the offline 'blog'.

This week... I'm going to focus less on personal history writing and more on some projects that I have. For instance, I will:

- answer two personal history prompts
- organize thoughts for the family history classes I will teach in October
- write 2 blog posts based on Evernote topics
- transcribe 4 images from the William J Townsend file
- organize photos for the Grannie Brown scrapbook based on the topics selected last week

I also want to evaluate how to move forward on two more family scrapbooks... a series of trips and a reunion from last year. Once I evaluate what these two projects need, I can move forward on them. These projects don't have a due date because I want them to be fun. So, I want them 'floating around' to do when my creative mood strikes. But, I can't progress if I don't know what point I'm at... I have the photos organized into topics. I have much of the journaling completed. I think I'm at the select template phase. (For non-scrapbookers, I'm sorry to make your eyes glaze over).

So, there you have it. My goals for the week. I hope they are bite size and I can accomplish them but not feel overwhelmed. And... I will still have plenty of time for things like housework, child rearing, socializing, and enjoying summer.

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