Heritage Scrapbooking: Creating Categories in Photoshop Elements

A Family History Scrapbooking can be done in 12 Simple Steps. One of the steps is to determine what topics you will cover in your album. I am working on two albums one regarding my Grandpa Lewis Sherman Brown and the other about my Grannie Louise Eleanor Long Brown.

Hertiage Albums using Photoshop Elements
Categories created in Photoshop Elements

Thus far, I have selected categories and created albums in Photoshop Elements under an album category called Brown. This helps separate these layouts from the family scrapbooks of my children and myself.

The LB represents Lew Brown’s scrapbook. I’ve given numbers to the categories to keep them in order when the categories like parents would come after marriage if I left the arrangement in alphabetical order.

The “Lewis” category will be a collection of the scrapbook pages once they are ready to be in a scrapbook. Until then, the topics of LB represent individual pages.

You might have guessed it already, but LL refers to Louise Long. The album category of Louise (which is not shown) will gather all of the scrapbook layouts into one album when they are finished.

Now that I have my categories selected, I can start organizing my photos into the categories.

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