Heritage Scrapbooking: Thankful for the Work Already Done

Louise Eleanor Long Brown
Grannie loved this photo of herself
taken in the 1940s. She thought she
looked like a pin-up girl. For a 'tomboy' of
sorts, this was a big statement.
Last year I completed family heritage albums featuring my mother and father. This year, I want to work on one that features my grandmother. Next year, I will complete one about my mother-in-law. I find scrapbooks focused on one person the fastest to create because they are small and simple. Eventually I will scrapbook the thousands of photos and stories I have that don't fit into a simple project. For now, I'm working on my Grannie Brown's book because I have so much information to select from.

And that's what I'm sharing today. A heritage scrapbook can be done without a lot of information and a few photos. However, when you have as much information that I have on my Grannie, then my job as historian is so much easier. I can't really show you my 'organization' yet because today all I have accomplished is copying and pasting facts and stories from the 'larger' work into a small 'scrapbook' sized text document. So, instead, I'm sharing a photo of Louise Eleanor Brown (nee Long). Man I love this lady!

I am so glad that my aunt got the idea to video interview her mother. I have the recorded voice of Grannie, but many of her stories. I am so glad my mother shared stories of her mother with me. Though there are a few disagreements in her memory and those of her sisters, I have something to share with the sisters to 'correct' where needed. I am thankful that I took the time to ask my Grannie questions about the photos I had from my mother's collection. And, I am thankful for the eulogy my cousin did at Gran's funeral (and sent me a copy of). Much of the information came from interviewing my sharp as a tack Grannie before she died.

With all of these pieces of the pie (and the historical records to back up the dates and places), I have the problem of 'too much' information. I've shared before that genealogy is a team sport. And this is a specific case of various members of my team working together to share Grannie's story.

However, I look forward to putting this project together. I miss Grannie but I hope the book will help my kiddos know just how much I loved this awesome lady.

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