Reviewing my Goals

George Geisler and his brother James,
George is my great grand uncle by
marriage on the Brown side of my family
On Sunday of last week, I set the following goals:

X Transcribe 4 images of William Townsend
X Outline Gen Conference Classes
X Write Horray for FindAGrave posts
X Make Evernote 2 notes into blog posts
X Grannie's Scrapbook... organize photos into categories
X One day of Indexing
X Work on 2012 Lee Reunion Album
X Write two personal history prompts

As you can see, they all have an X beside them. Yippee!! I think I did well. I also used some time to attach sources to FamilySearch. I noticed that RootsMagic 6 had an update and I'm learning what some of them are. This will be helpful in one of the conference classes I will be teaching. So, it's been a great week.

This week two kids have camps to attend while the other three will be traveling around the county as we cart the older ones. This means momma will be very tired when she finally returns everyone home to the castle in the evenings. I know this sounds crazy, but I'm going to take a week off from genealogy. If I do anything in the field, it will be on personal history. Sometimes, it's best to not plan any goals and enjoy life. So, that's what I'll be doing.


  1. Congrats on achieving your goals! And taking a week off from genealogy doesn't sound crazy at all. It sounds like you will be very busy with your living family members instead, which is a very good thing.

    1. Thanks for the support Jana. I'm half way through the week and I have done very little regarding family history. Feels weird but also like the right thing to do at the same time.


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