Tombstone Tuesday: Aleta Bower-Kirchner Geiszler

Aleta Geiszler Gravestone
Aleta Geiszler Gravestone
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This gravestone is found in the gorgeous Saint Joseph Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio. The memorialized person is my great-grand uncle William Joseph Geiszler's wife known as Aleta Geiszler.

Aleta was born Feb. 12, 1880 in Ohio. I have seen a birth date of Jun 1879 in Tiffin, Seneca, Ohio. I am still trying to determine which date is more accurate and why there are two dates. She died Dec. 2, 1966 in
Columbus, Franklin. Ohio.

Now... Aleta's maiden name is a bit confusing. Her father Michael Bowers was adopted. For a long period of his life, and therefore Aleta's, he used the last nae Kirchner (from his adopted parents). By 1900, Michael was no longer using the last name Kirchner, in favor of his birth father's last name of Bowers. Aleta started using the last name of Bowers, at least on the Census records. Through out her documents one will see the use of Bowers and Kirchner as well. So which should one use as her maiden name? Well, it depends upon who you ask.

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