Tombstone Tuesday: Neal Billman, Oak Grove Cemetery

Last week, I shared the tombstone for my 3rd great step-grandfather Michael Billmann. Though I don’t know if his stepson (my 2nd great-grandfather) Henry Geiszler is buried on the plot, I do know that there was another descendant buried there.

Neal Billman (1892-1893)
Photo by Devon Lee

Neal is Michael Billmann‘s grandson. His father would be my half-uncle John L Billman who married Ella Ferguson. John and Ella have a stone in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Georgesville, Ohio. It’s in a newer part of the cemetery, rather than the older section where Michael and his wife Caroline were buried.  However, their infant son was buried on John’s father’s plot.

Oh, how I wish I could also make changes to Neal, John and Michael’s memorials. I’ve made requests since June of last year to no avail. But that’s another story entirely.

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