Caroline Geissler Bricker Father’s name is Thomas

I introduced you to Catherine Caroline Geißler two weeks ago and last week I shared photos that I’m not entirely certain of her children. Caroline continues to leave me with more questions than answers. Here is a taste of those questions.

To remind you, according to the Holy Cross baptism records, Catherine Caroline Geissler was born May 12, 1863.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Caroline (Mack) Geißler.

Death Record for Caroline Bricker
Death Record for Caroline Bricker, died 30 May 1952

However, on her death record, Caroline’s father is listed as Thomas Geisler and mother is Caroline Mack.  I am certain this is her death records because of a number of factors, but again, why would the name Thomas be on her death record?

The death record was signed by her son Curtis Bricker. Prior to her death, Caroline’s siblings Mary Elizabeth Geisler Grener, and Henry Joseph Geisler had died. Her husband, her mother, and stepfather had also died. So, Curtis would have had to draw upon his memory or a Family Bible. Is there a family bible in the Bricker family? I do not know.

Curtis must have used something to determine the name of the grandfather even his mother never knew. It’s possible he used his step uncle’s name (Thomas Billman). Oh, if only the Brickers had someone with some documents about the father Caroline never knew. A clue to the puzzle of where Caroline’s father was from. Perhaps they could help me shatter this brick wall.

Gravemarker for Allen and Lena Bricker,
buried in the Georgesville/Oak Grove Cemetery, Franklin County, OH

Another tidbit that I found. It is wonderful to see a connection to the Georgesville/Oak Grove Cemetery. Caroline’s step-father and mother were buried there. Her full brother Henry was buried there but no stone bares his name. Caroline’s half-brother John L Billiman and his wife Ella (and two of their children) were buried in the same cemetery. And Caroline and Allen were laid to rest there.

How sad. I went to that cemetery and only really understood that my 3rd great-grandmother and her second husband were buried there, with my 2nd great-grandfather buried on the land where I stone (but with no stone). I hadn’t realized so many relatives were also to be found in that cemetery.

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