Could these photos be Caroline Bricker's Daughter?

As I shared last week, Catherine Caroline Geißler married Allen Bricker. I forgot to share that Caroline is my 2nd great-aunt. Sorry about that.

In any case, Caroline became a mother in 1883 to Leona Bell Bricker. I have some photos that simply say “Younger Brikelmeier” and “Older Brikelheimer." These photos were found in the collection kept by Maggie Geiszler (nee Hoppe). She would have been Caroline's sister-in-law and would quite gladly want to share photos of Maggie's nieces and nephews with her. However, no records have this last name mentioned at all. So, I would like to guess that this might be Leona Bell Bricker (not Brikelmeier). But, I'm not going to guess. I want to figure it out. But, I can't do it alone.

Bricker or Brikelmeier
photo not labeled,
placed in photo album beside the next photo

Bricker or Brikelmeier
Labeled "Brikelmeier Oldest"

Bricker or Brikelmeier
Labeled "Brikelmeier Youngest"

Of the four photos, one of them was taken in Pomeroy, Ohio. It's possible that three photos are of Leona and the fourth is a photo of another girl entirely. I am not sure. It's also possible the Pomeroy photo was taken on a trip of some sort by the family.

I have not found any other daughters born to Caroline and Allen Bricker. So, I am fairly certain the Pomery, Ohio photo is not another Bricker daughter. So are all these photos of Leona? Or are they all of two entirely different ladies with the last name of Brikelmeier as the handwriting suggests?

To throw another log on the fire, I do have a photo of a Johnny Brikelhem (I think that is what the hand writing says). I wonder if this photo is of John Bricker born 5 Apr 1897 in Pleasant, Franklin, Ohio. John would be Leona's brother. However, there are no photos of Caroline's other children. Why? I'm not certain. And I'm not certain this photo of Johnny belongs to Caroline and Allen Bricker.

Johnny Brickenher
Johnny Brickenher (sp?)

I hope a relative of Leona Bell Bricker who married Homer Roberts, might be able to at least tell me whether this children were Leona or not. I would love a relative of John Bricker's to also find me and determine if this is their ancestor. I have not done extensive research on the Bricker family and perhaps I should. And perhaps I should try to see if there is a Brikelmeier family in Ohio with two daughters and possibly a son named Johnny?

Thoughts on a name change

I've been trying to figure out if Brikelmeirer was Caroline's husband's last name in actuality but it was Americanized too Bricker?

My cousin suggested that “in 1917, in the wake of the anti-German riots that followed
the Lusitania disaster, many things German were disavowed, and Anglicized..” Perhaps the name Brickelmeyer was dropped and changed to Bricker. However, Bricker is the name on Caroline's marriage certificate in 1881. This theory doesn't stick to this family. Especially since Leona was born in 1883 as well. 

So, it's possible that the Brikelmeier name was accurate and the photos are of another family. Which leads to another thought.

No photos of Henry's second sister

My cousin also noticed something. The photo album kept by Maggie Geiszler has a photo of Conrad and Mary Elizabeth but none of Allen and Caroline. Did they not have a wedding photo taken in September of 1883? (By the way, both sisters married in 1883.) Was Maggie closer to Mary Elizabeth than to Caroline?

Perhaps the little girl is of Maggie's friends, and not family at all. Maggie did have photos of friends in her album.  So many questions with no one to answer them.  Perhaps the photos are nothing more than a wild goose chase!

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