Tombstone Tuesday: Thomas and Emma Billman, Grove City Cemetery

I’ve written before about When Do You Post a Second Photo on FindAGrave, and it has been well received. I must emphasize how thankful I am for volunteers who photograph gravestones and then add them to the website. With that said, I must say, occasionally, a second photo is warranted because the first photo didn’t capture all the details I would want, in a front and center position.

Thomas and Emma Billman gravestone
Thomas and Emma Billman gravestone
Grove City Cemetery

Such is the case with Thomas G Billman and his wife Emma. (By the way, his brother married an Ella. Oh how confusing Ella and Emma can be). This photo is straight on. Granted, it’s not professional photographer perfect, but it would be a nice compliment to the photo currently on

Normally, I would post this photo and be finished. Unfortunately, I didn’t take this photo. And, I don’t know who did or how I came across this photo in the first place. AAACCCCKKKK! Big genealogist no-no. I’m so, so, sorry.

So, I’m not posting this photo to toot any horns. I’m actually posting it for help. Who took this photo? It’s really great and I thank you for my half-uncles gravestone. But will you please help me give you proper credit?

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