Brown Brick Wall: Who were the other four?

When I was in Ohio in May 2012, I noticed a micorfiche draw at the Ohio History Center library that piqued my interest. It was records of still births in Franklin County, Ohio. 

Birth Certificate for Baby Brown

The reason this peaked my interest is the fact that I have a mystery in my family. Who were the other four? On my grand father Lewis Sherman Brown's birth record, there is a note that says his mother Emma gave birth to 9 children and only four were living at the time. I know the names of 5 of her children. But who were the other four? One daughter died in infancy. I have no birth or death record for Edna Irean Brown (14 Dec 1900 – 6 Apr 1901) except what was recorded in the family bible. 

Scan of Laminated Page of Emma Brown's Bible

I have wondered if I did a search of the Still Birth collection if I would find the remaining four children born to Sherman Brown and Emma Townsend. The year range would need to be between 1895 and 1918. That's a pretty big gap. My guess would be more likely between 1902-1918 three children were born fairly close to one another between 1898 and 1902.

As this file is on microfiche at a library I can not easily get to, I will put this research on the back burner for awhile. But at least I can remember what it is I wanted to do on that future day.


  1. Do you know what church they had attended? They might have death records.

    1. Great idea. I don't know for certain. They were buried at the Obetz Lutheran Cemetery. But I don't know if that meant they were members of that church. Guess I have a new reason to call that church. Thanks Claudia


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