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Last month, I had mentioned how I organized my emails with Evernote. Now that all of my past e-mails are organized, I now want to preserve the emails in a condensed form. So, my Future Research Projects are primarily for me as my blog serves as multiple purposes, one of which is to keep track of research I want to do some day, far down the genealogical journey. However, I share these projects publicly so that perhaps I can connect with a distant cousin in the process. So... when you see Future Research Projects, you'll have an idea that it will be full of resources and questions about what I hope to discover someday.

Thomas Betts and his father Captain Richard Betts

My eight great-grandfather is Thomas Betts (d. 1709) through his daughter Elizabeth Bets (b 1701) who married Robert Comfort, Jr (b 1697). Robert and Elizabeth were both born in British America in the province of New York. They had several children, one of whom is John Comfort (b 1741) who was loyal to the crown and left New York for Canada after the American Revolution.

I am not ready to investigate him further but thankfully there are a lot of resources to learn about my eight great-grandfather when I'm ready. Here are some of the links for when I, or any distant cousin, might be interested:

History of the Betts Family
History of the Betts Family
I found one website with the History of the Betts Family. I haven't found the source information in my quick look over the information. However, I will go back and read through the information. As with anything in genealogy, one wants to treat things as clues or pieces to a puzzle and then provide documentation as it becomes available.

Another resources details information about Richard Betts of Long Island. Richard Betts would be my ninth great-grandfather. I certainly want to review this with more attention to detail at some point.

I found another website entitled TransylvanianDutch: The Immigrants: 1600s. There is a brief mention of ninth great-grandfather Richard. “My eighth great grandparents, Richard Betts and Joanna Chamberlain were married in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony - in 1648. It is thought Joanna arrived by 1635, and Richard mid-1640s. Joanna Chamberlain was the daughter of Elizabeth Stoughton and Richard Chamberlain, and the granddaughter of Rev Thomas and Katherine Stoughton.”  This website does provide sources. And it would primarily present collateral lines of Richard. However, I'm coming to learn that it's important to understand the community an ancestor lived in. So, this will be another interesting resource to review.

I found a Family Tree of Captain Richard Betts. This tree does have some sources. On the whole, the tree focuses on mostly focused on Joanna Chamerlain's line. She's my ninth great-grandmother.

Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey
Google Books sourced points by providing access to the Book Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey. In this book I found a biographical sketch Captain Richard Betts on page 68.

As I said, someday I'll look more thoroughly through this information. Until then, I have all these notes in a relatively safe place. My Evernote and email account just became a little less cluttered.

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