Treasure Chest Thursday: Wall Art is Family History

I keep looking around my home and wondering what should hang on the walls. My grandmother Louise Brown had a terrific sign on her wall at some point. I found it in her former bedroom at my aunt's home. I think it fits her personality to a tee.

What's also great, is I love the photo I took straight out of the camera. This photo was taken outdoors in the afternoon. I placed the object inside a light box and snapped photos of this item along with other objects. I'm so thankful that with my limited knowledge of photography, I got a great photo of a piece of wall art from my Grandmother's collections.

Photographing Wall Art Memorabilia
f/5, exp 1/60, exp +0.3, ISO 200
Pattern metering

Take a look around your home and that of your parents or grandparents. What signs do they have that feature their personality, mottoes, or beliefs?

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