Surname Saturday: Searching for Bricker, Grener, and Billmans

Caroline Mack Geissler Billman
Caroline Mack Geissler Billman
I have no qualms about posting my deepest wish to contact distant cousins. The ones of interest for me are descendants from the following three families: 

1. Michael Billman and Caroline Geisler (nee Mack) of Franklin County, Ohio
2. Allen Bricker and Caroline Geisler (marriage record spelling was Gisler) of Pleasant, Franklin, Ohio.
3. Conrad Grener and Mary Elizabeth Geisler of Prairie, Franklin, Ohio.

Why? Well, because I'm hoping to learn more about Michael, Caroline, Caroline, and Mary Elizabeth (also known as Lissie). Idealistically, I would love for clues to break open the brick wall of Micheal's ancestors and that of his wife's first husband Joseph Geissler. However, I have photos of the mother and daughters, but not the step father. 

I know no stories of these people. I want to know more than what the Census records can tell. Will I ever find an ancestor?


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