Thankful Thursday: More Find A Grave Success Emails

As I've shared before, I love when an email comes to my inbox from Find A Grave that tells me that I have had a photo request fulfilled. Yippee!

Frank and Verna Schlared Gravestone
Frank and Verna Schlared shared gravestone at
Forest Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio.

This photo was taken by Brenda Mellett of Vernie E Sanborn and her husband Frank Schlared. I just learned about Vernie last year on my trip to Ohio. She is a niece of my great-grandmother Emma Townsend Brown. So, I was happy to place a request and see it fulfilled. I think Brenda was having trouble blocking the shadows on the stone. That doesn't matter as I am so grateful for the photo.

Emma Weimer Ranck of Franklin Ohio
Emma C Weimer Ranck, buried in Fernwood Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio
Photo by Tim Crane

Next, I received a message that Tim Crane went to Fernwood Cemetery and captured the gravestone for Emma C Ranck. Fernwood Cemetery is in Lockbourne, Franklin County Ohio. Emma Weimer is the wife of William Ranck, son of Charles Ranck and Elizabeth Holmes. Charles is the brother of a great grand uncle of mine... Jefferson Babcock Ranck. I know this is confusing. But, I want people to be remembered. And I often get lost on the collateral lines. Thanks for the help Tim.

While Tim was there, he also took photos of Emma's husband William and their daughter Thyrza. I can't thank people enough to gather more than just the specified stone. Take a photo of the whole lot, and then some. You never know what brick walls you can smash down by so doing.

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