Thankful Thursday, with a little frustration

Patience, patience, patience. I have to keep telling myself to have patience with volunteers for FindAGrave. I’ve shared several Thankful Thursday posts about the success of volunteers finding and photographing my direct and collateral line family members. Well, today’s success story is mixed with a little frustration that I must be careful to lay aside. Patience.

Walter F Mehrling gravestone; Centerton Cemetery, Centerton, Ohio

Laurie Fahler photographed the stone of my genealogist cousin’s father and my great grand uncle Walter Frank Mehrling in the Centerton Cemetery in Centerton, Huron, Ohio. I bet she had a lot of trouble getting the colors of this stone to come out true to life. I have had similar trouble but I have not had my image turn out as crisp as she did with this photo. Good job Laurie.

I am truly, truly grateful for Laurie’s service and do not want to downplay it. My frustration is that Walter’s wife Dora should be buried in the same cemetery, and presumably next to him. Did Laurie see the stone and wonder, “maybe I should take a photo of the wife?” There was no photo request for Dora (I had maxed out my requests for the month and forgot about it. Ugh). I wonder if she thought the photo wasn’t needed.

Patience. From this experience, I will do a few things… a) make a list of persons I want to request photos for but can’t because I’ve maxed out my quota and b) always take more photos around the stone than requested. I never know when they’re needed. In the meantime, I’ve requested Dora’s gravestone photo and I will patiently wait for her “Success!” email.

I shouldn’t be too frustrated. Laurie did photograph Walter’s father Ragan. See:

Ragan M Mehrling gravestone
Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

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