Amanuensis Monday: Physician Affidavit for William Townsend

This installment of my ongoing series shares the physician's affidavit for my Civil War era great grandfather William Townsend.

Affidavit by C R Clement M.D.
Physician's Affidavit completed by C R Clement M.D.
for William Townsend of Franklin County, Ohio

Physician's Affidavit.

State of Ohio, County of Franklin, SS:
In the Pension Cliam No. _____ of William J Townsend late of Co K 133 Reg O.V. I

Personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for the aforesaid County and Sate C R Clement a citizen of Groveport whose Post Office address is Groveport Ohio well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who being duly sworn, declares in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

That he is a Practicing Physician, and that he has been acquainted with said soldier for about 4 years and that I had no acquaintance with Wm J Townsend prior to enlistment. I attended him during his last sickness. He died on Nov 13, 1889 of acute uremia as the result of Brights disease of the kidney. He had been suffering for some time with pain in the head impairment of vision of which I regard as the result of the eucphalia vedema accompanying serious tesious of the kidneys.

Physican's Affidavit for William Townsend
Backside of Physican's Affidavit for William Townsend
No 422.500

Medical Evidence.
Claim of Mary Townsend
widow of Wm J Townsend

Affidavit of
C R Clement M.D.

Filed by
Pension and Patent Attorney,
Columbus, Ohio

US Pension Office stamp Nov 10 1890

Sworn before Notary Public Cornelius Black Jr on 7 February A.D. 1890 by C R Clement. Clement had been a medical practitioner for eleven years.

  • William Townsend died on 13 November 1889 of acute uremia
  • Dr C R Clement had attended William for four years (since about 1885). He had been a medical practitioner for eleven years.
  • Dr Clement knew of William's vision problem and listed other illnesses as  ucphalia vedema and tesious of the kidneys (I do not know what any of this means of it was transcribed correctly).
  • William's widow Mary Towsend collected this information and submitted it in 1890.
  • A H Addington was Mary's Pension Attorney in Columbus, Ohio
  • Can I learn more about the medical practice of C R Clement, MD? 
  • With William being so poor, how was he able to have Dr Clement treat him?
  • What do all of the medical conditions mean that Dr. Clement listed?

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