Photo Friday: Missionary Books

I can not believe we have completed a year of Photo Friday challenges. This is the final one for the year 2013. Can you believe it? The year will soon be over. And next year, you can review the challenges I placed before you. Will you take 2014 to photograph your family artifacts? I hope you will. The amazing stories that our stuff holds is powerful. Here goes the final post for Photo Friday 2013.

This post shares a collection of missionary pamphlets my husband used when he served a two year mission in Vancouver, British Colombia.

Photographing Missionary Items
f/3.5, exp 1/6, bias +1, ISO 80
Center Weight Average metering
As you can see, I had to arrange the books not necessarily so you can read the titles of every item my husband used. The story we're trying to show case the wealth of tools he had to draw upon to share his faith with others. And, we're trying to showcase that the information was written in Mandarin Chinese.

To photograph these objects, they were too large to put in a light box so, I used the seamless backdrop setting. As you can see, the light is coming in from the left side. I was using natural light from my front living room window.

Photographing Missionary Items
f/3.5, exp 1/6, bias +1, ISO 80, Center Weight Average metering

I could have kept the photography session in the portrait orientation because of the arrangement of items in a linear fashion. However, when I put the camera in the horizontal orientation, I loved the visual impact. Plus, with a little bit of wrinkles, the backdrop looks less like a 'studio set up' and more like perhaps the bed sheet potentially reminding me of the time my husband spent in prayer and study to be a great missionary.

Sometimes, photograph is less about the settings on your camera, and more about the arrangement of your objects. Have fun in the new year and capture the stuff of your family's lives. And, when you have time, let me know of the things you photographed.

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