Photo Friday: Religious Items Challenge

There are a variety of religions and faith practices. With these varying religions, many artifacts are in and around our home and those of our extended family members. For those with a long live of 'believers', some of these items have been handed down for generations.  Take time to photograph the things that contribute to the religious practices of your family members.

f/5, 1/160 sec, bias +0.2 ISO 200
Pattern metering

In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, the opportunity to take photos outside in natural light using a light box will be non-existent. So, you if have a handy dandy light box and a desk lamp handy, you can take great photos of small objects.

Use the AV setting, your camera on a tripod, and custom white balance for all of your objects. For small objects, use the macro setting.

And, if you need too, do a little post production adjustments in your photo editing software.

Crop & lighten in photo editing software.

Have a happy December and wonderful holiday season. Best Wishes for 2014.

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