Heritage Scrapbooking: Lewis Brown Birth Page

Last year, I shared the Baby Page that I created for Robert Geiszler’s heritage scrapbook. Robert’s baby page was not the full story of his birth, but enough to invite my readers to learn more. That’s important to remember when you’re creating heritage scrapbooks. It’s not important to include everything, but enough to be pleasing and informative.

Today, I want to show you another Baby Page. This one comes from the scrapbook that I created entitled “60 Years of Lewis Brown”.

Heritage Scrapbook Baby Page Idea
Heritage Scrapbook Baby Page Idea

I do not have any photos of Lewis Brown as a baby. I do have three documents that I including in my family history album: birth records, entry in the family bible, and a baptism record.

Unfortunately, the baptism record was frail when I photographed it and no longer exists. I wish I had known about this earlier enough that I could have saved it. Nevertheless, this piece of Lewis’ heritage is in the scrapbook. I enjoy having the handwriting of either Lewis’ mother Emma or his father Sherman on the page as recorded in the family Bible. I wish I knew to whom to attribute the handwriting, but it’s a glimpse into the family’s past. And finally, the birth records show that Lewis was unnamed at the time of his birth but would later be named with the reverse form of his father’s name.

These documents aren’t ‘beautiful’ but they are priceless. As such, I need to keep the page decorations to an absolute minimum. Notice the elements are only things anchoring the photos to the page. The page kit I used for the entire scrapbook featuring Lewis Brown is from¬†No Reimer Reason. I can not believe Amber Reimer gave away her Americana Kit for free in the past and that she still has it for free. It’s an AWESOME kit. You’ll see more uses of that kit in the coming weeks.

I also want you to notice that I have a main text box discussing the birth Lew. Below that, I have used captions to identify what each document is so that anyone who reads his scrapbook will not me to explain what each is. Consider placing captions on your heritage album pages to identify documents or people in photos.

Although this Baby Page isn’t cutesy, it is simple and timeless and that’s why I strive for in my albums.

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