Tech Tuesday: Photographic Family Tree Online at FamilySearch

FamilySearch Family Tree keeps getting better and better. It’s an absolute exciting time to be involved in genealogy online. I invite everyone to make sure the basics of your family tree is online at You might not be a family history enthusiasts, but you can help those who are.

I’m so excited, I’m bursting to share this super cool new feature called Portrait Pedigree. Follow the link to learn more particulars. If you’re a visual person, you’re going to be ecstatic. So let’s see why I’m so excited.

Family Trees of the past.
Traditional Tree View
2013 FamilySearch Introduces Fan Chart
Fan Chart.
2014 FamilySearch Introduces Portrait Pedigree
Portrait Pedigree is here!!!!

I’m grateful for the Pedigree charts of the past, but those are seriously visually boring. Enter the fan chart. You can pack a lot of people onto a fan chart with a link to see their personal information. This keeps the visual clean and simple. The Portrait Pedigree chart packs a HUGE punch and is an invitation. Look at those awesome PEOPLE starting back at me. And oops! I see where I need to add more photos.

I can’t praise FamilySearch enough for figuring out that photos and stories are the heart of family history and invite anyone to participate. If you haven’t done any family history ever or you thought it was boring when you did, it’s time to be excited. It’s time to help.

Get out those old photos of your parents, grand parents, and beyond. Scan them and upload them to the FamilySearch Family Tree. The website is free to anyone, but you do need to set up an account. There is a great Getting Started section to help anyone unfamiliar with the website.

If your only contribution to your family history is to make sure your family tree is online at and that the photos in your collection of your ancestors are uploaded, then I say HURRAH! Now, go upload some photos and check out your Portrait Pedigree chart.

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