Top Ten Heritage Scrapbooking Posts of 2013

Howdy Folks! Can you believe 2014 is eight days old? I remember my newborns being that old and that's when the weight of being a newborn mom kicked it. I'm planning for great things to happen this year and I hope you are too.

Family History Scrapbook Funeral Page
Closing page for Robert Geiszler's Heritage Album
Family History Scrapbook page uses:
Death Certificate and Funeral Program
This year I'll be sharing some of the pages of the heritage scrapbook pages I created featuring my Grandpa Lew and my Grannie. Look for those in the coming weeks. Until they're finally ready for reveal, I want to review the Top Ten Posts on Heritage Scrapbooking from last year. I hope next year's Top Ten list will be just as exciting.

  1. Funeral Pages
  2. Color Schemes Part Two
  3. Using Timelines
  4. Don't Overlap the Documents
  5. Story Pages
  6. Using Color Schemes
  7. Father's Pages
  8. Using Paper Memorabilia
  9. Baby Layouts
  10. Prepare To Digitize Your Old Photos and Documents

So there you have it. Have fun reviewing these great posts and inspiration.

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