Top Ten Patient Genealogist Posts of 2013

Lewis and Lousie Brown Swan Club Columbus Ohio
Lew and Louise Brown
1972 Swan Club Party

Yesterday, I shared my Top Ten Heritage Scrapbooking Posts for 2013. Today, I’m going to share the Top Ten most popular posts on this blog that are not related to family history scrapbooks or photographing your memorabilia. Tomorrow will be the last Top Ten with the Top Ten Memorabilia posts.

  1. Witness Statement for William James Townson
  2. Genealogists are not being pushed out, Reinforcements are being invited in
  3. You mean my Family History Isn’t Done?
  4. Is this German Scan Readable for Translation?
    (The answer was Yes! And I need to post the translation)
  5. Organizing With Evernote
  6. Hobbies and Interest of Lewis Brown
  7. Evaline Townley’s Family by Birth
  8. Followers Have Become My New Muse
  9. Professor R Victor Zumstein
  10. Death and Drinking Problems

Now, some of you might be sick of Top Ten 2013 posts by now. There were some people wrapping up the year before the year was over. Me? Well, I was enjoying time with my in-laws who were visiting from far, far away. I hope you’ll forgive me for putting blogging on hold while I lived my family history.

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