Family History Writing Challenge: Starting Off

Family History Writing Challenge
I often wonder if I bite off more than I can chew. Yet, I think I found a writing challenge that fits my goals for this year.

With the plans happening in the Lee Family Home this year, I decided that I should focus on writing, writing, and writing. I really need to get the information I have discovered out of my head and into a tangible form before I forget or I can't be corrected.

Enter the Family History Writing Challenge. As I understand it, I need to commit to writing this month. The commitment should be a number of words by the end of the month, with the goal of developing a habit. I believe this is something I can do, to an extent. I would like to write 4,000 words about my ancestors. That would be 1,000 words a week (simplified estimate).

I'm trying to set the bar low because a computer malfunction set me back last month, and this month is scheduled to be extremely busy with the kid's activities and such. So, I'm setting my bar low so that I can achieve it for sure.

However, I'm not someone who likes low standards. I hope to bust that number, if I can. I hope to reveal at the end of the month the total number of words I've written and have it been extremely high. Yet, I am also a realist and do not want to strive for an ideal that didn't take into account the fact that I still have young children in my home and things come up.

So, 4,000 words is my goal.

Today, I focused on my great uncle William Jospeh Geiszler and I wrote about 780 words. I'm off to a good start, especially since I'm teaching a class at the public library on Family History basics in a few hours. I'm a little nervous and hope the class will be well received and possibly a start of more class teaching opportunities.

For those of you also participating in the Family History Writing Challenge... good luck!

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