Heritage Scrapbooking: Military Pages About the Home Front

When millions of Americans headed to various parts of the world to defend the US of A during World War II, there were families left behind to maintain the home front. One of those family members was my Lewis Brown's wife Louise.

Heritage Scrapbook Page Military
Heritage Scrapbook Page that features the home front of World War II

Heritage Scrapbook Page Military
Heritage Scrapbook Page that features the home front of World War II
In your heritage scrapbooks, be sure to not only include the service of your veterans. Also pay tribute to those they left behind.

Again, I used the Americana Kit by No Reimer Reason. (By the way, I haven't received any compensation for promoting Amber Reimer's designs. She provided this kit for free and I don't know how else to share my appreciation for her awesome kit than to provide links to her site).

You will also see in this collection of photos how they overcome the overpowering background paper. Yet the pattern on the background paper makes the page exciting, and not boring. Less need for embellishments. Gotta love that! Yet, I did use a few embellishments from the Home of the Brave Kit.

On the previous scrapbook page, I cut the background out of the artifact's photo. On this layout, I include the background for the bracelet front and back side. Decide if your layout would look better with the background of your memorabilia photos included or excluded. It's all a matter of preference.

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  1. You are so sweet to give me the links to my site. I have seen several "hits" on my site from yours! Thank you for that!

    And as always, I enjoy your layouts. These historical/heritage pages are priceless. Some of my favorite pictures of my grandparents were from the war time too, back when they were young and just starting out. I wish I knew more of their stories!

    1. I'm so glad you're getting through traffic. I really do love your kits and templates and I'm so glad to see people your way. Woo-hoo!


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