Amanuensis Monday: Application for Accrued Pension for William Townsend

I can not believe I'm approaching the end of the documents in the Civil War Pension file regarding William James Townsend of Franklin County, Ohio. After Mary (Clabaugh) Townsend submitted her application and supporting affidavits, her pension was accepted and she began receiving a pension until her death in 1916.

This application was to obtain the pension funds that stopped at the death of William up until a Widow's Pension was approved.

Application for Accrued Pension for Mary Townsend
Application for Accrued Pension for Mary Townsend


State of Ohio, County of Franklin SS:

On this 4th day of December, 1889, personally appeared Mary Townsend, who, being duly sworn, declares that she is the lawful widow of William J Townsen, deceased; that he died on the 13th day of November, 1889 that he had been granted a pension by Certificate No. 413380 which is herewith returned; that he had been paid the pension by the Pension Agent at Columbus up to the 4 day of September, 1889; after which date he had not been employed or paid in the Army, Navy or Marine service of the United States; that she was married to said Wm J Townsen on the 10th day of Nov, 1864 at Edwards Station, in the State of Ohio; that her name before said marriage was Mary Clabaugh; the she had not been previously married; that her husband had not been previously married; that she hereby makes application for the pension which had accrued on aforesaid certificate to the date of death; and that her residence is City of Edwards Station, County of Franklin, State of Ohio, and her Post-office address is Edwards Station.

Signed Mrs Mary Townson

Also personally appeared Jacob Miller, residing at Edwards Station, and Alvis Herman Miller, residing at Edwards Station, who, being duly sworn, say that they were present and saw Mary Townson sign her name to the foregoing declaration; that they know her to be the lawful widow of Wm J Townsen, who died on the 13th day of November, 1889; and that their means of knowledge that said parties were husband and wife, and that the husband died on said date, are as follows: They knowing said parties 21 years.

Signed Jacob Miller (his mark)

Alvis Herman Miller (his mark)


  • William had received a pension while living up until 4 September 1889.
  • Jacob Miller and Alvis Herman Miller of Edwards Station witnessed Mary's signature on the applications, they know she is William Townsend's widow. They've known the Townsends for 21 years


  • Is it possible that the Townsend name could have more records under the spelling of Townson, or Townsen?
  • Jacob and Alvis Miller, of Edwards Station, have known the Townsends for 21 years. What was their relationship like?

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