Amanuensis Monday: Civil War Pension Payment

If you've read this far through the Civil War Pension file of my great grandfather William James Townsend (or Townson), thank you. If you're just finding this series, feel free to click on the Civil War Pension label to read more.

The Pension Application for William and his widow was approved. Today's post shares the schedule of payments for Mary and her children. I can't imagine how $8 for Mary and $2 per child for a total of $16 per month was able to provide enough support for the family. However, Mary was planning on using the money to off set the cost of purchasing a smaller home after the death of William. Perhaps that was enough and she would continue to take in washing and odd jobs throughout the remainder of her life.

Civil War Pension William Townsend
Civil War Pension Schedule for Mary Townsend and children

Act of June 27, 1890

Widow's Pension

Claimant Mary Townsend
P.O. Edward
County Franklin, State Ohio 
      Soldier William J Townsend
Rank Private, Co K
Regiment 133” Ohio Vol Infy  

Rate, $8 month, commencing July 14, 1890, and $2 per month additional for each child, as follows:

(four lines skipped before the children are listed)

Harry A Born, Feby 27', 1875
Sixteen, Feby 26', 1891
Commencing July 14, 1890
Emma V Born January 15, 1879
Sixteen, January 14', 1895
Commencing July 14, 1890
Samuel L Born July 8, 1884
Sixteen, July 7, 1900
Commencing July 14, 1890
Ethel M Born Sept 27', 1887
Sixteen, Sept 26', 1903
Commencing July 14, 1890

Recognized Attorney
Name A.H. Addington
P.O. Columbus, Ohio

Fee $10.00, Agent to pay.
No Articles Filed


Submitted for Admission, Dec 21”, 1891, EB W Getmik, Examiner.

Approved for Admission
Jan 9, 1892 Geo. N Smith, Legal Reviewr.

The soldier was pensioned at $12.00 per month for disease of eyes – result of erysipilas

Enlisted May 2, 1864
and honorably disch'd Aug 20, 1864
Re-enlisted (none)

Died Nov. 13, 1889
Declaration filed July 14, 1890

Soldier’s app'n filed Feby 4, 1884
Clt's app'n under other laws May 12, 1890
Former marriage of none
Daeth of former none
Clt's marriage to soldier Nov 10, 1864
Cl't not remarried


I didn't really learn anything new about my family members in terms of vital information. However, this record provided some contextual background for the Pension process. I learned that the attorney received $10 and how much my widowed grandmother would receive. At some point, I could do a comparison to today's dollars to interpret how much that is. However, I could also see the prices of items in the 1890s to see just how much Mary and her children would be able to buy.

If you have a Civil War Relative and you haven't checked into their Civil War Service files or the Pension files, you should definitely spend some time doing it.


  1. What a surprising coincidence! I have a female (Celia) Townsend in family tree by way of marriage to a Joseph Addington. And your Civil War pension application for a Townsend was processed by an Addington attorney. Hmmm... will have to cogitate on this!


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