Amanuensis Monday: General Affidavit by Mary E Kleinlien

I have been posting various documents found in the Civil War Pension file for William James Townsend. William served in Company K, 133rd Regiment of the Ohio Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War. William did not serve long because he became blind after a surgical treatment for an illness he contracted in the service. William died in 1889 and Mary (Clabaugh) Townsend sought to obtain a Widow's Pension.

Last week, I shared a affidavit from 19 year-old Charles Kleinline. Today, I have one from Mary E Kleinlien, aged 45.

General Affidavit by Mary E Klineline
General Affidavit by Mary E Klineline
for Civil War Widow's Pension belonging to Mary Townsend

State of Ohio
County of Franklin, SS

In the matter of Pension Claim No. 422.500 of Mary, widow of Wm J Townsend late of Co. “K”, 133rd Reg't, Ohio Inft Vol.
Personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, Mary E Kleinlein aged 45 years

Citizen of the town of Edwards Station County of Franklin State of Ohio well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who being duly sworn, declares in relation to aforesaid case as follows: I have been known the claimant since her girlhood and live neighbor to her and we are the best of friends. I know that she has no means of support other than her own daily labor, and I know that she does labor hard to maintain herself and her children. I also know that she has purchased a small house and lot in the village of Edwards which in my judgment is not worth over four hundred dollars and I dont think it would bring that amount at a forced sale. She lives in said house as a home and it does not bring her any income whatever and she has no other property except some scant house hold goods. And nothing but her labor to bring her an income. I am not related to the claimant. I know that she has not remarried since the soldiers death and that none of her children have died since soldiers death.

Singed Mary E Kleinlien

  • Mary Kleinlien, 45, is a resident of Edward's Station.
  • Mary Kleinlien has known Mary Townsend since they were little girls.
  • They are not only neighbors but best friends
  • Mary Kleinlien attests to the poor condition of Mary Townsend's home and her labor to support her family.
  • Is Mary Kleinlien the mother of Charles Kleinlien? 
  • When were the two Mary's neighbors... chilldhood, adulthood, or after Mary sold her married home to buy the $400 home in Edward's Station?
  • Did Mary Townsend choose a home close to Mary Kleinlien after her husband's death by the latter's instance?
  • Are the two Marys more closely related that best friends?
  • Can I find Mary Kleinlien in Census records where Mary Townsend grew up?

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  1. UPDATE: I think I found Mary E Townsend and her son Charles F doing a research project. It's a bit crazy and I hope to write the whole story someday... Laird Edwin Kleinlein Memorial


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