Heritage Scrapbooking: Sneak Peak

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share another heritage scrapbook. This series features my dearest Grannie. I knew this grandmother. I loved this grandmother. She always made me feel loved and valued, even though she lived 1,200 miles away from me. I love and miss her laugh and corny jokes too.

Lewis Brown and Louise Long
Grannie and Papa as newlyweds

Grannie died in January 2012 and my mother, her second daughter, died that December (read her eulogy). They were bookends to 2012. I had created my mother’s scrapbook prior to her death. I had not completed my Grannie’s. After visiting my aunt who still lives in Ohio, I finally had enough stuff to create a scrapbook about Louise Long Brown.

Bare in mind, I can not share all of the completed scrapbook pages from this project because I have information about my living relatives in it. Perhaps someday I will do a scrapbook page for an ancestor where I can share all the layouts.


Since this is a female centered family tree scrapbook, I wanted to use more embellishments than I used on Grandpa Lew’s scrapbook. I always want to keep the focus on the historic photos and the stories. Yet, I wanted to add more flair to the pages.

This was a challenge as I usually add one or two embellishments and call it good. I enjoyed adding more embellishments. I have now applied this to my personal scrapbooks. I hope you will enjoy these layouts that include more embellishments but still maintain my simple scrapbooking style.


My other goal was to use a ‘non-traditional’ color palette. Browns, tans, and creams are great colors for heritage scrapbooks. I wanted to see what I could do with a soft colored palette. In this color scheme, I have enough color choices to compliment the sepia, black & white, 1970, and more modern photographs that would be included in the project.

Heritage Scrapbook Colors

This is the color scheme I picked for my grandmother. When I hear stories about my grandmother, I know she was down to earth but also had a soft side. I wanted enough colors to play with when I started creating my scrapbook layouts given these personality traits.


Unlike my grandfather’s album, I did not use just one kit as the foundation for my album. Instead, I used the above color scheme to guide me through the paper and embellishment selection process. The five colors in this palette was inspiring and fun.

I do not have to force any photos or artifacts to fit with a pre-selected kit. By scrapbooking with a color scheme as my base, I was free to stretch my creativity. It also helps that I have a large collection of digital scrapbook supplies to choose from.

As I share each layout, I’ll do my best to share the product list. I want to give credit to the talented digital scrapbook designers. If I fail to mention a designer, by accident or forgetfulness, I hope that someone will gently let me know.


I hope you’ll be inspired to begin scrapbooking your heritage with the upcoming posts. There will be a family tree scrapbook layout. There will be many page themes that I discuss in my eBook Create a Family History Scrapbook Digitally in 12 Simple Steps. I will also share with you some tips that I’ve learned and some reasons why digital scrapbooking your family history is, dare I say, AWESOME!

Be sure to share your completed scrapbook layouts with me and my blog fans by leaving a link to your blog posts or gallery pages in the comments section below. There is a growing interest in my website as it applies to this topic and we can grow all learn from each other.

Heritage Scrapbook Layout Ideas
Grannie’s Scrapbook Page from My Mother’s Album

This layout is about my Grannie as it appeared in my mother’s scrapbook. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done for her focal person scrapbook (concept discussed in my book).

Just in case you need more inspiration for why you should create a family tree scrapbook, review my post Why create a family history scrapbook?

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