Treasure Chest Thursday: Sometimes Treasures are Adorable

There are a lot of treasures that parents have collected over the years that their children made for them. One of the most common from when I was growing up was a hand print in plaster. My mother-in-law saved so many artifacts from her boy’s childhoods. I haven’t asked my sisters-in-law how they feel, but I have loved everything that we’ve discovered in the ‘boxes’.

Photographing Childhood Memories
Childhood Crafts for Parents

One such item in my husband’s stuff that we’ve carted around through many moves, is this block of wood. That’s my husband’s cuteness at age 6 or so. He can’t remember where he made this block of wood. His grandfather was a carpenter in Salt Lake City and he adored him greatly. I met the ‘grumpy’ old guy and found him to adorable in his cranky nature. He had a soft side under the facade. It’s cool to have this wood item, even if the connection between the wood block and the grandfather didn’t exist.

Additionally, my hubby’s family often built or finished their homes when he was growing up. He learned many handy man skills and has used them in our married life. He’s no Tim Allen. Thankfully, he’s more like Al from the show Home Improvements.

I was curious as to the meaning of the phrase, “A chip off the old block.” Apparently it has to do with being a child derived from their parentage. His ‘old blocks’ were his grandfather and father, and the ‘chip’ would refer to his continuation of the carpentry/handy man talent. All these years later, my husband is still a chip off the old block.

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