Tombstone Tuesday: Prechtel in St Joseph

Two years ago, I visited the St. Joseph's Cemetery in Lockbourne, Ohio. It is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been in.

When I photographed the cemetery, I photographed a number of stones while I was searching for relatives and doing volunteer work. I came across this stone:

Prechtel Family stone in the St. Joseph's Cemetery. Photo by Devon Lee
I searched and searched and and I was unable to determine any facts about these individuals. Since the photos were not of family members, I wasn't certain if I could ask the office about it. The folks in the office were courteous and provided the following information:
This monument is in St Cecilia SectionWe do not h ave any record of burial for Ellen or Donald. 
The following are interred on the lot:John Donald Prechtel (infant) DOD 1/5/1925Leona Prechtel died 12/25/1971 at the age of 82John J. Prechtel died 11/11/1969 at the age of 84
Thanks to that information, I was able to track down further information for the memorial page on Additionally, I was able to determine that their son Donald, is John Donald that the cemetery has record of. Ellen does not seem to have been buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery though her parents had a spot for her.

I hope some day a Prechtel family member will be pleased with my research.

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