Treasure Chest Thursday: Chinese Language Helps

Mandarin Chinese Language Resources
Last week I shared about the scriptures that my husband used to study the gospel while on his mission. This week I'm sharing the resources he had to help him learn the language contained in those scriptures.

He had flash cards, a 'common words' book, and other manuals to help learn to read and converse in the language. What's interesting is that he says he never really learned how to write Mandarin. With the language, it's hard enough to learn to read and speak it. I'm hearing impaired and had the worst time attempting to learn even a few words of the tonal language.

The other thing I noticed is that his "Chinese Missionary Guide' was for the Taiwan Taipei mission. Again, few missionaries went to Canada to speak Mandarin. Most went to Taiwan or other places. So of course, some of his resources have Taiwan written on them. It just didn't make much sense to have a Canadian specific guide.

Again, this photograph was taken using natural window light and a 'seamless' backdrop. I've decided I don't mind the wrinkles so much. It fits with the 'unkept' look of my husband's dorm room at the training center and the missionary apartments. In the future, I will work on getting a material that is wrinkle free.

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